BesCutter C2 CO2 Glass Tube 100W (Replaces RECI W2)

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BesCutter CO2 glass tubes are compatible for use in many different brands of laser machines. Please contact us for compatibility with your machine if you are uncertain or would like more information about the product. 

Specifications: (Printable Version)

  C2 C4 C6
Quality Standard 90W-100W 100W-130W 130W-160W
Tube Length 49.2" / 1200mm 55" / 1400mm 65" / 1650mm
Tube Diameter 3.15" / 80mm 3.15" / 80mm 3.15" / 80mm
Useful Life 10,000 hours 10,000 hours 10,000 hours
Cooling method Water Water Water

Warranty: 6 Months from date of purchase. Warranty covers tube failure caused by regular use
(accidental breaking, cracking, or neglect in cold temperatures are not covered)

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