Fabric Cutting EXPERT CO2 Laser Cutter 100W-150W

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Specifications: (Printable Version)

Working Area: 71" x 39" (1800mm x 990mm)
Laser Type: ECO2 Sealed Glass Co2 Laser Tube 10.6µm Wavelength Class 4 Laser
Wattage Available: 100W / 130W / 150W
Power Supply: AC 220V
Transmission System: Stepper motors / Belts LeadShine DMA860H
Control System: Ruida controller RDC6445G
Software: Smart Vision
Connection Method: USB / Ethernet cable
Dimensions: 102" x 91" x 49" (2,590mm x 2,311mm x 1,244mm)
Crate Dimensions: 108" x 99" x 57" (2,743mm x 2,514mm x 1,448mm)
Net Weight: 1,210lbs (550kg)
Gross Weight 1,450lbs (660kg)

Other Features:

Overhead CCD Camera (Canon) for contour cutting. Achieve full format single shot and image recognition for efficient auto-positioning.

E-Shaped blade mesh conveyor belt table system

Included with purchase:

Exhaust Fan (1HP/750W)
Air Compressor
Industrial Water Chiller
E-shaped blade mesh conveyor table
2.0" Focal Lens
Operating Software
360° Caster Wheels

Optional Upgrades:

Dual head system upgrade
Auto Edge Detecting Feeder
Additional ZnSe lenses (1.5", 2.5", 4") made in America high quality low absorption
Replacement high-reflection mirrors (Made in America)

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