APC Premium ZnSe Focal Lens for CO2 Laser

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Note for Choosing a Focal Length: Lenses with small focal length are ideal for detailed engraving due to the smaller spot size. Those with large focal length are better suited for cutting thick materials for straight cutting edges.

APC has set itself apart by holding tighter tolerances, better surface quality, lowest total transmission (>= 99.6%) and lowest absorption (<0.17%).


  • Premium focus lens for CO2 lasers from American Photonics Co. (APC) 
  • Lens shape: Meniscus (smaller beam size when compared with Plano convex shape)
  • Diameter: 19.05 mm/20 mm/25.4mm or 0.75"/0.79"/1"
  • Effective focal Length: 1.0"/1.5"/2"/2.5"/3"/4"/5"/7.5"
  • Edge thickness: 0.080" or 2.00 mm
  • Diameter tolerance: + 0.000" / - 0.004"
  • Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.002"
  • Total transmission: >=99.6%
  • Absorption: <0.17%
  • Material: ZnSe
  • Made in the USA